Are you looking for tips on how to curl a cosplay wig? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss all the steps necessary for curling your cosplay wig and give you some helpful tips along the way. Whether you’re using a curling iron, hair straightener, or rollers, we’ll make sure your wig is ready for its next big debut!

What You’ll Need:

Before getting started with curling your cosplay wig, there are a few items you should have handy: a heat protectant spray, styling brush, comb or rat tail comb, and of course either a curling iron or hair straightener (depending on what kind of curls you want). Additionally, if you plan on using rollers instead of heated tools, then make sure to stock up on those too! Make sure that the heat protectant spray is specifically designed for synthetic wigs as regular heat protectants won’t be as effective.

Preparing the Wig For Curling:

Once you have all your supplies in order, it’s time to prepare the wig for curling. Start by brushing out any tangles and knots with a styling brush and then spraying it liberally with heat protectant spray. This will help keep your wig from getting fried by hot tools later on! After that’s done, section off your wig into small sections and secure each one with bobby pins so that they don’t move around while you work. Make sure not to use metal clips as they may cause damage to your synthetic fibers.

How to Use a Curling Iron:

If using a curling iron is more your style then start by setting it to the desired temperature (usually between 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit). Once it’s heated up properly start at the root of one section of hair and begin wrapping small strands around the barrel of the iron until they’re completely wound up tight against it. Hold them in place for 10-20 seconds before releasing them from the barrel and setting them aside while they cool down. Repeat this process until all sections are curled as desired! Be careful not to overheat any part of your wig as this can cause permanent damage – if unsure go with lower temperatures rather than higher ones just to be safe!

How to Use a Hair Straightener:

Using a hair straightener is another great way to curl cosplay wigs if you don’t have access to an actual curler! Start by heating up your straightener as usual but instead of clamping down onto small strands like normal; hold them in place with just enough pressure that they stay put without being squished together too much (this will prevent frizziness!). Then slowly twist each strand away from its root until it forms into an S shape before releasing it from the plates – voila! Instant curls without having to use any extra tools or products! Make sure not to add too much pressure when twisting otherwise this could cause breakage in delicate synthetic fibers – gentle does it!

How to Use Rollers:

Using rollers is probably one of the easiest ways to curl cosplay wigs but also requires quite some time commitment due their slow results compared to other methods mentioned above! To get started simply divide up sections of hair into smaller subsections and wrap each one tightly around individual roller pieces before securing them in place with clips or bobby pins (depending on what type of roller set you purchased). Let these sit overnight before taking them out in order for maximum curl retention – easy peasy right? Make sure that when selecting roller sizes smaller ones will give tighter curls while larger ones will create looser waves – experiment until finding what works best for you personally!

Finishing Touches:

Now that all your hard work has paid off its time for some finishing touches! Before wearing your freshly curled cosplay wig out be sure to spritz some hairspray onto each section so that curls stay locked in place throughout whatever event/photo shoot/etc that may arise during its wear time – trust us; this step is essential if you want those perfect ringlets intact all day long! Additionally adding mousse or gel can help keep flyaways at bay while providing additional shine & volume depending on what look you’re going for – just remember less is more when dealing with synthetics so try not use too much product at once otherwise this could weigh down & flatten out those gorgeous curls faster than expected.


Congratulations – now that we’ve gone through all these steps together hopefully by now you feel confident enough about how to curl your own cosplay wigs at home without breaking any sweat (or burning any fingers). If however after reading this article something still isn’t quite clear or if there are any other questions regarding our services here at Nekodanshi please don’t hesitate contacting us directly – we’re always happy helping out fellow cosplayers achieve their dream looks no matter what level they’re currently at! So why wait? Get started today & let us help make those amazing costumes come alive like never before – happy styling everyone & good luck on all future projects ahead!!