Making a cosplay tail is an essential part of many costumes! Cosplay tails can be used for characters ranging from animals like cats or foxes all the way up to dragons and other mythical creatures! Tails can add that extra level of detail that makes your costume stand out from the crowd! To get started on making your own cosplay tail, here is what you need to know about materials, pattern creation, cutting & sewing, stuffing & attaching it securely, and adding those finishing touches!

Materials Needed:

To make your own cosplay tail you will need some basic supplies such as fabric (faux fur is popular), thread, scissors/rotary cutter/sewing machine (depending on your chosen method), stuffing material (batting/polyester fiberfill/etc.), hot glue gun & sticks (optional). You may also want some decorations such as sequins or glitter depending on your desired look! When choosing fabrics for your cosplay tail it is important to consider the weight of the fabric – too heavy and it may not move properly when worn while too light may not hold its shape. Additionally, faux fur comes in different pile heights which can affect the look of your finished product – so be sure to select one that matches your desired outcome!

Pattern Creation:

Depending on if you want a simple shaped tail or something more complex with multiple curves/angles you will need a pattern piece for each part of your design (or one continuous piece). For simpler designs you can draw directly onto paper or fabric with a pencil/marker or use templates found online (just make sure they are sized correctly!). For more complex designs it is recommended that you draft these patterns in Adobe Illustrator before printing them out onto paper or fabric for cutting out later. Additionally, if using faux fur it helps to draw out each pattern piece twice so that when sewing together there are two layers which gives the finished product more stability and durability.

Cutting & Sewing:

Once you have all of your pieces cut out it’s time to start sewing them together! Make sure that all seams are secure by backstitching at least twice before moving onto another section – this will ensure longevity and durability of your finished product. If using faux fur be sure not to stretch it too much while sewing as this can cause distortion in shape when stuffed later on! Additionally, if creating a multi-piece design be sure to leave an opening at the end so that stuffing material can be added later on.


When stuffing your cosplay tail use smaller pieces of batting/stuffing material rather than one large lump so that it is evenly distributed throughout without any lumps or bumps when finished! Place small amounts at a time until desired shape is achieved then secure any open seams with hand stitching before moving onto attachment methods! It’s important to stuff firmly but not too tightly as this could cause strain on seams over time resulting in tears or rips.

Attaching The Tail:

Depending on where exactly you plan on wearing this costume piece there are various ways in which it can be attached securely without risk of coming off during wear/use – velcro strips sewn into place work great for costumes worn over clothing while hot glue works well for items being worn directly against skin (make sure not to burn yourself though!). For more intricate designs there may also be additional straps needed which should be added now before moving onto finishing touches!

Finishing Touches:

Adding details such as fur trimming along edges gives extra dimension & texture while sequins/glitter adds sparkle & shine – both are great ways to customize your cosplay tail even further if desired! Once everything is attached securely go ahead and fluff up any areas needing more volume then admire your hard work – congratulations you just made yourself an amazing custom-made cosplay tail!!


You just learned how to make a custom-made Cosplay Tail from scratch!! This tutorial should have given you an idea of what materials are needed along with instructions on creating patterns, cutting & sewing fabrics together, stuffing & attaching securely – plus those extra finishing touches that really make it stand out from other costumes at conventions!! With these tips in mind we hope that anyone wanting to create their own unique Cosplays will feel empowered and confident enough to start their own projects – no matter how difficult they may seem at first glance. If after reading this article you still have questions about creating Cosplays feel free to reach out directly to Nekodanshi – Germany’s leading influencer agency specialized in Cosplays – who would love nothing more than helping bring life into YOUR dream costume!!