The world of cosplay is ever-evolving, with new trends emerging every day! One such trend that has been gaining traction lately is that of the ‘space cowgirl’ – a unique take on classic cowboy attire which adds futuristic elements into the mix for an eye-catching ensemble! In this article, we will explore what makes up a space cowgirl costume, where you can find them, accessories that you can add to make your outfit stand out from the crowd, and styling tips so you can put together an unforgettable look!

What is a Space Cowgirl Costume?

A ‘space cowgirl’ costume takes traditional westernwear elements like boots, hats, chaps, bolo ties etc., but adds modern touches like metallic fabrics or neon colors for an intergalactic flair! Depending on how much you want to commit to this style, there are many variations – from subtle hints of sparkle here and there to full-on sci-fi glamour! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Nekodanshi’s website for some amazing examples! Popular colors used in these costumes are usually silver or gold as they give off a futuristic vibe. However if you want something more bold and daring – consider opting for brighter colors like neon green or blue which will really make your outfit stand out from the crowd!

History of the Space Cowgirl Costume:

Although its exact origin remains unknown, it’s believed that this trend began in Japan during the late 1980s when anime series featuring female protagonists dressed in futuristic western wear became popular among young people who wanted to emulate their favorite characters by creating their own unique interpretations of these outfits! Since then, it has grown in popularity worldwide as more people have become exposed to this style through various media platforms such as movies and TV shows over time! It has also been seen on famous celebrities such as Rihanna who wore a space cowgirl inspired ensemble during her performance at Coachella 2018.

Where to Find Space Cowgirl Costumes:

If you’re looking for a ready-made space cow girl costume, there are plenty of options available both online and at physical stores depending on your budget! For those who prefer DIY projects however – fear not – as there are also plenty of tutorials available online which show you step by step instructions on how to create your own unique look without having to break the bank! You could even try thrift shopping if you’re looking for affordable options – just make sure all pieces are washed thoroughly before use.

Accessories for Your Space Cow Girl Costume:

To really make your outfit stand out from the crowd – consider adding some fun accessories like glow sticks or LED lights which will make it extra eye-catching during night events or raves! You could also add some pieces with galactic designs such as star pins or moon earrings – just be sure not go overboard so that your look doesn’t become too cluttered or overwhelming. Additionally , don’t forget about jewelry ! Chunky necklaces , long earrings , and statement rings all work great when paired with this type of costume .

How To Style Your Space Cow Girl Costume:

When styling your outfit – think outside the box by combining different materials such as leather with shiny fabrics like satin or sequins – this will give off an interesting juxtaposition between old-school western vibes with futuristic elements which will really make heads turn wherever you go! As far as makeup goes – keep things simple but still bold enough so that it stands out against all other looks at any event; try using shimmery eyeshadows along with strong winged eyeliner for maximum impact ! Additionally , don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair styles – braids , buns , ponytails etc . can all be used to create interesting looks !


In conclusion – we hope that this article has been useful in giving you insight into what makes up a ‘space cow girl’ costume – from its origins right down to where you can purchase one (or create one yourself) along with styling tips so that you can put together an unforgettable look whenever needed ! If after reading all this information -you still feel overwhelmed – don’t worry – just get in contact with Nekodanshi who can help guide you through every step towards achieving your perfect cosplay vision !

FAQs :

Q1) What type of fabric should I use when making my own space cow girl dress?

A1) You could opt for something lightweight yet durable like cotton twill which won’t weigh down your dress while still providing enough support structure . Additionally , metallic fabrics such as spandex also work well if added subtly here and there .

Q2) How do I accessorize my costume?

A2) Consider adding pieces like glow sticks , LED lights , star pins , moon earrings etc . These items will bring attention towards certain sections while also giving off futuristic vibes !

Q3) What kind of makeup should I use?

A3) When it comes to makeup – keep things simple but still bold enough so that it stands out against all other looks at any event; try using shimmery eyeshadows along with strong winged eyeliner for maximum impact !