Decora kei fashion is a type of Japanese streetwear that has seen a recent surge in popularity, especially among young people in Tokyo and around the world. The term “Decora” comes from the English word “decorative”, which perfectly describes this style: it is all about being colorful and creative with your clothing choices! It is characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and lots of accessories such as hair clips, pins, bracelets and more. This unique look was first popularized in Japan during the early 2000s and has since become a staple part of Japanese street culture.

Decora kei fashion

The origin of Decora Kei dates back to the late 1990s when Harajuku was becoming an increasingly popular area for youth culture in Tokyo. It was here that young people started experimenting with their looks by mixing different styles together such as punk, gothic Lolita, visual kei and deco-style clothing items like colorful hair clips and pins. As time went on, these individual styles began to merge into one cohesive look that we now know as Decora Kei today! From there it spread throughout Japan and eventually around the world as well.

At its core, Decora Kei fashion is all about being creative with your clothing choices by mixing different styles together to create something unique and eye-catching! The key elements include bright colors (think pink or neon green!), bold patterns (such as polka dots or stripes), lots of accessories (hair clips, pins, bracelets etc.), layered clothing items (like skirts over pants) and platform shoes or boots for a more dramatic effect! Additionally, many people who dress in this style also add face makeup like blush or eyeshadow to complete their look!

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In recent years there have been several popular brands associated with this style such as Angelic Pretty, Baby The Stars Shine Bright (or BTSSB) and h.Naoto which specialize in creating clothes specifically designed for this look! Additionally there are certain trends within this subculture such as using only one color throughout an entire outfit or wearing multiple layers at once (like skirts over pants). These trends often come from influencers within the community who inspire others to try new things with their own looks!

When styling a deco-kei look it is important to remember that you don’t need to buy everything brand new; you can mix-and-match existing items from your wardrobe with newer pieces to create something unique! Start off by picking out some brightly colored garments like skirts or tops then layer them up with other items like jackets or sweaters if desired – just make sure they all match each other in terms of color/pattern/style so that it looks cohesive! Once you have chosen your garments then accessorize them with lots of cute hairclips/pins/bracelets etc., making sure not to go overboard so that it still looks stylish rather than cluttered! Finally add some face makeup if desired – blush or eyeshadow usually works best – but be careful not to go too heavy handed so that it doesn’t end up looking too garish!

When shopping for deco-kei items it can be difficult knowing which pieces will work best for your particular aesthetic; however there are certain tips which can help make the process easier such as researching what other people within this subculture are wearing – either online or at events – so that you can get an idea of what kinds of things might suit your own personal style better than others! Additionally try not to get too caught up on buying only ‘on trend’ items; instead focus on finding pieces which speak directly to you regardless if they are currently fashionable or not – after all everyone has their own individual style which should always be respected no matter what anyone else says!

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