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Don‘t miss out on the perfect cosplay costumes and actors for your next blockbuster movie! With Nekodanshi, you get unbeatable prices and the largest selection of costumes and actors in Europe and worldwide. Plus, we can help you with your film production needs. So, what are you waiting for? Click the checkout button now and get your movie made!



    Cosplay Costumes & Actors For Your Next Blockbuster Movie

    Cosplay Costumes: If you’re looking for the perfect cosplay costumes and actors to make your next big movie a hit, look no further than Nekodanshi.

    We have a huge selection of costumes and actors that will fit any role you need, and we’re always adding new ones to our collection. Plus, our prices are unbeatable.

    Nekodanshi is the one-stop shop for all your movie production needs. We are a team of German-based professionals with a love for all things cosplay, and we have been in business for decades.

    Nekodanshi offers the largest selection of cosplay costumes and accessories in Europe and worldwide. Our customers are our top priority, and we go above and beyond to ensure they are 100% satisfied with their purchases and bookings.

    Our services also include assistance in film production for your next project. We have a wide network of contacts in the industry, and we can help you get your movie made.

    So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let us help you make your next movie a blockbuster!

    Versatile & Talented Costume Actors At Nekodanshi

    We have a database of actors with experience in the movie and television industry. From hour-long movies to campaign videos and ads, we have the ideal talent for your project.

    Our costume actors are perfect for any project that requires a bit of imagination and creativity. If you need someone to dress up in a costume and bring your script to life, look no further than Nekodanshi.

    Some of our most popular categories of costume actors include:

    • Superheroes
    • Prince and Princesses
    • Kings and Queens
    • Villains
    • Fantasy Characters
    • Historical Figures
    • Anime Characters

    And more!

    Versatile & Talented Costume Actors At Nekodanshi
    Hire Lead Costume Actors

    Hire Lead Costume Actors

    Nekodanshi’s lead cosplay actors are some of the most experienced and talented in the industry. With years of experience in film, television, and commercials, our lead costume actors will add a touch of class and professionalism to your project.

    Such actors know how to make an impact on screen, and their performances are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your cast, look no further than Nekodanshi’s lead costume actors.

    Hire Supporting Costume Actors

    The main star of your production might get all the glory, but it’s the supporting cast that really makes the film or show. At Nekodanshi, we have a large selection of talented and experienced supporting costume actors who will elevate your production to new heights.

    From established stars to up-and-coming talents, our supporting costume actors are some of the bests in the business. So, if you want to create a film or television show that’s sure to be a hit, hire Nekodanshi’s supporting costume actors.

    Hire Extras

    Extras are the unsung heroes of the film and television industry. They might not have any lines, but their presence is essential to creating the right atmosphere on set.

    At Nekodanshi, we have a large pool of extras who are experts at creating the right mood for your movie. From rowdy bar patrons to wedding guests, our extras will ensure your production is one to remember.

    Hire Costume Actors By Age

    Whether looking for a fresh-faced ingénue or a wise and experienced veteran, Nekodanshi can meet your costume actor needs for your next big hit. Browse our selection of costume actors by age to find the most suitable fit for your cast.

    Hire Costume Actors By Gender

    Are you producing a women-centric cosplay movie? Or perhaps you need a male lead for your next period piece. Whatever the case, Nekodanshi has the perfect costume actor for your project.

    Hire Costume Actors By Height

    When it comes to cosplay, height is often an important factor. You want your cosplay to be accurate, which often means finding costume actors who are the right height for the character you’re trying to portray.

    Luckily, Nekodanshi has a large database of actors that you can search by height. So whether you’re looking for a tall and commanding superhero or a short and spunky anime character, you’ll find them here with us.

    Hire Costume Actors By Region

    If you’re looking for local talent, all you have to do is look up “costume actors Germany” and Nekodanshi will show you all the professional costume actors in your area. Likewise, if you’re looking for an actor in Japan, simply type in “costume actors Japan” and our database will do the rest.

    From local talents to international stars, Nekodanshi can help you find the perfect actor for your movie, no matter where in the world you are.

    Hire Costume Actors By Age
    Hire Costume Actors By Specialty

    Hire Costume Actors By Specialty

    When it comes to cosplay, there are a lot of different specialties that come into play. At Nekodanshi, we have a large selection of actors with specific skill sets that will suit any production.

    From armor making to wig styling, our costume actors have the skills and experience necessary to bring your vision to life. So, whatever your cosplay needs may be, you can find your next big star at Nekodanshi.

    What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Costume Actors From Nekodanshi?

    Agreed, there are hundreds of cosplay agencies out there. So what makes Nekodanshi so special? Here are just a few reasons why our clients keep coming back to us repeatedly.

    Nekodanshi Is The Most Experienced Cosplay Agency In The Business

    With years of experience in the cosplay industry, Nekodanshi takes great pride in providing top-tier cosplay talent to our clients. We have a large pool of highly skilled and professional costume actors ready to bring your event or production to life.

    Nekodanshi Has The Best Reviews In The Cosplay Industry

    Don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients say about us! Nekodanshi has consistently received 5-star reviews across the board for our exceptional cosplay talent and customer service.

    Nekodanshi Provides A Wide Range Of Cosplay Talent

    We have a wide range of cosplay talent that can suit any event or production. From popular anime and video game characters to original designs, we have the perfect cosplay actor for your needs.

    What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Costume Actors From Nekodanshi
    Nekodanshi Offers Competitive Pricing

    Nekodanshi Offers Competitive Pricing

    We understand that budget is often a major concern for our clients. That’s why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service.

    Our Actors Are Experienced, Versatile & Professional

    Our costume actors are some of the most experienced and versatile in the industry. With years of experience under their belt, they are more than equipped to handle any role you throw their way.

    Nekodanshi Is The Most Trusted Cosplay Agency

    In a sea of cosplay agencies, Nekodanshi is the most trusted name in the industry. We have built a reputation for providing high-quality cosplay talent and outstanding customer service.

    This is why we have a loyal client base that keeps coming back to us again and again.

    Order The Best Cosplay Costumes From Nekodanshi

    Nekodanshi’s all-around services don’t stop at finding you talented costume actors. We also offer a wide range of cosplay costumes for rent or purchase.

    Our experienced designers have created an extensive catalog of costumes that will suit any production. So, whether you’re looking for a specific character or just want to browse our selection, Nekodanshi has the perfect costume for your needs.

    Not only do we have a wide variety of costumes to choose from, but our prices are unbeatable. So, if you’re looking for the best value for your money, make sure to check out Nekodanshi’s cosplay costume selection.

    Order Anime Costumes

    Anime characters are perhaps some of the most popular cosplays out there. And with good reason! Anime offers a wide range of characters with unique designs that are essential for cosplay.

    At Nekodanshi, we have a large selection of anime costumes that will suit any production. From classic characters like Goku and Naruto to newer ones like Levi from Attack on Titan, we have the trendiest costumes for your needs.

    Order Superhero Costumes

    Superheroes are another popular choice for cosplay, especially for those who want to show off their muscles! But with so many superhero costumes out there, it can be hard to decide which one to choose.

    Nekodanshi’s extensive catalog of superhero costumes has something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for the latest Batman costume or want to go old-school with Superman, we have the perfect costume for you.

    Order The Best Cosplay Costumes From Nekodanshi
    Order Video Game Costumes

    Order Video Game Costumes

    Video game characters are also popular choices for cosplay. Whether you’re looking for a Mario costume, a Zelda costume, or just want to dress up like your favorite video game character, we’ve got what you need. Shop our selection of costumes from your favorite games today!

    Custom Orders

    Didn’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog? Nekodanshi also offers custom orders for those who want something truly unique.

    Our cosplay designers will work with you to create the costume of your dreams. Hence, if you have a specific character in mind or just want us to design something from scratch, we can help.

    All you have to do is contact us with your idea, and we’ll work on making it a reality.

    What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Cosplay Costumes From Nekodanshi?

    Costumes are one of the most important aspects of cosplay. They can make or break your look, so choosing wisely is important.

    Here are some of the benefits of ordering your cosplay costumes from Nekodanshi:

    Variations To Suit Your Budget

    We understand that not everyone has the same budget for their cosplay costumes. That’s why we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. From renting to purchasing, we have a solution that will fit your budget.

    Extensive Catalogue Of Costumes

    Nekodanshi’s catalog of costumes is one of the most extensive in the industry. Whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

    High-Quality Materials

    We only use high-quality materials for our costumes, so you can be sure that your costume will last. The most common materials we use include neoprene, velvet, organza, scuba, lycra, and spandex.

    Fast Shipping

    No matter where you are, we can get your costume delivered quickly. We offer express shipping for an additional fee, so you can be sure to receive your costume in time for your event.

    What Are The Benefits Of Ordering Cosplay Costumes From Nekodanshi

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Cosplay Costumes & Actors

    Is Nekodanshi A Safe And Legit Place To Buy Costumes?

    Yes, we are a safe and legit place to buy costumes. We have been in business for several years and have sold thousands of costumes to happy customers worldwide.

    How Can I Hire Movie Costume Actors From Nekodanshi?

    We offer a variety of cosplay costumes and actors for hire. You can browse our selection of costumes and actors online or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Costume Actor From Nekodanshi?

    The cost of hiring a costume actor from Nekodanshi varies depending on the costume and actor you select. Contact us directly to get a quote for your specific needs.

    What Do Consider While Ordering Cosplay Costumes?

    There are a few things you should consider while ordering cosplay costumes:

    • The character you want to cosplay
    • Quality of the costume
    • Size of the costume
    • Shipping time
    • Budget

    What Skills Should You Look For In A Cosplay Actor?

    Different cosplay actors will have different skills. While some may be great at promoting brands or products, others may be better suited for more interactive cosplay experiences. The most important skill to look for in a cosplay actor is the ability to interact with customers and create a positive experience.

    Generally, you should check the portfolio of the cosplay actor before hiring them. Also, it is important to read the reviews of previous clients to get an idea of their work ethic and quality.

    Do You Offer Any Group Discounts On Cosplay Costumes?

    Yes, we offer group discounts on cosplay costumes. If you are interested in purchasing a group of cosplay costumes, please contact us for more information.

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